MacBook Trackpad Replacement Service

It is always better to opt for Certified Technicians to fix your MacBook Issues. The Mac is something that needs intense technical knowledge. Opting for inexperienced technicians may lead to damage to your device even more while they are trying to fix it.

If your device has minor issues like working slowly, working unevenly etc. Your MacBook Touchpad or Trackpad has got Malfunctioning. Well, these sorts of issues are repairable and can be easily repaired. All you need to do is contact the Lappy Maker and get it diagnosed for free. Our team of certified technicians will examine your device in a proper manner and let you know the reason behind its not working. No matter whether we have to replace the MacBook Touchpad or repair it, We will offer you that same user experience back with our services at an affordable cost.

Common signs that your Mac’s Trackpad needs replacement:

Before the situation becomes too worst, there are some common issues that you may experience as a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air user and you should immediately contact the technicians to get it fixed:

  • Unable to click on the MacBook’s touchpad
  • It has become very slow and sticky
  • If you accidentally Spilled liquid on the trackpad
  • Touchpad doesn’t work at all in any manner.
  • Heating touchpad
  • Cracked/broken touchpad
  • If the cursor Freezes, Not responding
  • The mouse pointer is moving randomly etc.

Issues can be other as well but these are some common issues that we have usually found more often. MacBooks are strong and have advanced technology. If you have even a minor issue you found, Contact the Lappy Maker and get it fixed as quickly as you can before it becomes worse. If you contact the team at the right time, there would be lesser chances that you may need to opt for the MacBook Trackpad Replacement.

What is the Cost of a MacBook Trackpad Replacement?

The Cost of MacBook Trackpad Replacement starts from 2999/- INR. It also varies on multiple factors such as Models and the level of damage etc. Sometimes it is not mandatory to replace the entire trackpad or touchpad. Our technicians will examine the device and replace only the defective part.

How we will fix the MacBook Trackpad issue:

At the Lappy Maker, Our team will first examine your device and find out the exact reason behind its not working. In most cases, it is repairable and can save your cost of replacement.

Only in case of hard physical extortion or if it is damaged due to Moisture, it becomes difficult to fix it through repair.

Even then, There is no need to replace the entire trackpad, we also have the option to replace the damaged parts only. The Lappy Maker technicians only opt to work after proper diagnosis.

We as a professional in this field always use OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Products for MacBook Air Trackpad replacement or MacBook Pro Trackpad Replacement to offer you the user that same experience.

We Lappy Maker are one who offers the services as per Apple’s standard to you at an affordable cost. Contact us to get the best service for your MacBook.

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Why Choose Lappy Maker for MacBook Touchpad Replacement:

The Lappy Maker stands for a reputed Service Centre in India. We have a team of certified engineers with decades of experience in this particular field.

Either you are looking for the MacBook Air Trackpad Repair or MacBook Pro Trackpad Repair. It is an easy process for Lappy Maker’s Team. At Lappy Maker:

Looking for a MacBook Trackpad Replacement Near Me?

The Lappy Maker’s technicians are just a call away from you. If you are still searching for a “MacBook Trackpad replacement near me”, just contact the Lappy Maker.

Should I need to replace the Entire Keyboard top case assembly if the trackpad is not working?

No, The Apple Authorized Service Centre does the same which is why the cost of replacement goes too high. The team of Lappy Maker's technicians find out the exact issue behind this and only replace the item that needs to be replaced. Contact the Lappy Maker for the Best MacBook Trackpad Repair or Replacement in PAN India.

FAQs On MacBook Trackpad Replacement

What is the MacBook Air Trackpad replacement cost
At the Lappy Maker cost of a MacBook Air Trackpad Replacement starts from 3999/- INR or even more or less depending upon the model of the device.

What is the MacBook Pro Trackpad Replacement Cost
The cost of a MacBook Pro Trackpad Replacement starts from 4499/- INR or even more or less depending upon the model of the device.

What is the Warranty offered on the MacBook Trackpad replacement?
We offer a warranty on every service, One gets up to 1 year of warranty. It is valid throughout India.

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