MacBook Pro Screen Replacement Cost

  • MacBook Screen Replacement Cost ranges between ₹6,499/- to ₹40,000/- with one year of Warranty. The Exact cost of the MacBook Pro Screen and replacement depends on the model of the device.
  • The Lappy Maker has a team of certified technicians with decades of experience in the field. We are the one who offers services as per the Apple Standard but at an affordable cost.
  • If you are experiencing any issues with your MacBook Pro Screen like Dead Pixels, Lining on screen, Distorted Screen, Broken or Cracked screen etc. Contact the lappy maker and get the services per the brand's standard.
  • We at Lappy Maker use high-quality Mac Pro screens 13.3″ inch or 15.4″ inch for a replacement to offer you that same user experience back.
  • As professionals, we believe in providing fast and reliable services at any cost. Let us know about Mac Screen Replacement.

How much does it cost to replace the screen on a MacBook Pro?

The cost of replacing the screen on a MacBook Pro can range from 4,200/- to 22,000/- INR or more. The price depends on various factors such as the Model of your MacBook Pro, the type of screen (Retina or non-Retina), and where you choose to have the replacement done.

MacBook Pro Screen Replacement Cost

MacBook Pro Models Price
Apple MacBook Pro A1278 (13-inch Early 2011 with Touchbar) ₹6,500
Apple MacBook Pro A1706 (13-inch Late 2016) ₹14,000
Apple MacBook Pro A1708 (13-inch 2017 with Touchbar) ₹14000
Apple MacBook Pro A1989 (13-inch Mid 2018 with Touchbar) ₹14,000
Apple MacBook Pro A1990 (15-inch 2018 with Touchbar) ₹38,000
Apple MacBook Pro A2159 (13-inch Retina 2019 with Touchbar) ₹14,000
Apple MacBook Pro A2289 (13-inch 2020 with Touchbar) ₹14,000
Apple MacBook Pro M1 A2338 (13-inch 2020 with Touchbar) ₹18,000
Apple MacBook Pro A2141 (16-inch 2019 with Touchbar) ₹40,000

Note :

Above mentioned rates are just the starting price.

The actual cost may vary depending on the model of device.

Warranty varies on repair service depending on the spares.

Factors Affecting Screen Replacement Cost on MacBook Pro

At Lappy Maker, we follow the standard repair or Replacement process per the industry's standard to ensure seamless MacBook Pro or MacBook Air speaker replacement.

  • Firstly , the type of screenplays a significant role. Retina screens are more expensive to replace than non-Retina screens due to their higher resolution and advanced technology.

  • Secondly, the MacBook model affects the cost as newer models may require specialized parts, resulting in higher replacement expenses.

  • Lastly, the place where you choose to have the screen replaced can impact the overall cost.

Choosing the reputed center for MacBook Pro Screen Replacement is always better to get the price and qualtiy. You can choose Lappy Maker to get affordable screen cost with 1 year warranty.

Where to Find Affordable Cost For MacBook Pro Screen Replacement

If you're searching for affordable price options for MacBook Pro screen replacement, there are several avenues to explore:

  • Lappy Maker: We offer reliable OEM Grade Screen replacement and offer you that same quality but at an affordable cost. We provide cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality.

  • Apple Authorized Service Centre: Apple Authorized center is another good option, but the overall Price of the MacBook Pro Battery will be very high..

  • Local Repair Shop: You can consider third-party repair shops. But there are no options for a warranty or guarantee. Their screens are just compatible with the device and nothing else.

  • Online Marketplace: Online marketplaces and reputable sellers may offer competitive prices for MacBook Pro screens Always opt for the Best Alternatives.

Why Choose Lappy Maker For the Best MacBook Pro Screen Replacement Cost - With One Year Warranty

Lappy Maker is the only affordable option for the best MacBook Pro Display replacement cost. We offer high-quality screen replacements for MacBook Pro models at competitive prices.

Our experienced technicians ensure professional installation and provide a one-year warranty on the screen replacements.

With Lappy Maker, you can have peace of mind knowing that your MacBook Pro screen will be replaced with precision and backed by a warranty, ensuring a satisfactory experience.

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