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MacBook Air M1 Battery Replacement

At Lappy Maker, we offer you a world-class MacBook Air M1 Battery replacement service that matches Apple’s professionalism at an affordable price.
If you own a MacBook Air M1, you might notice a drop in battery performance or your MacBook Air M1 battery is not lasting, it might be time to replace it.

Experts MacBook Air M1 Battery Replacement Service

When it comes to replacing Mac Air M1 battery, trust our team of highly skilled experts at Lappy Maker. We have years of experience handling Apple Mac replacement, and our technicians are trained to handle the delicate nature of the M1 model. With their expertise, you can be confident that your Apple MacBook Air M1 battery Change process will be carried out with precision and professionalism. We ensure every replacement battery is installed correctly and carefully tested before returning it to the customer.

How much does it cost to replace a battery on MacBook Air M1?

The cost of replacing a MacBook Air M1 battery can vary depending on the specific model and the service provider. On average, the cost for replacing MacBook Air M1 battery replacement is ₹8,499. It's important to note that this price range includes a warranty up to one-year for the replacement Air M1 battery.

MacBook Air M1 A2337 Battery Replacement Price List

MacBook Air M1 Model Battery Replacement Price
MacBook Air M1 A2337 (13inch, 2020) Battery ₹8499

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Get 1 Year of Warranty on MacBook Air M1 A2237 Battery Replacement

When you choose Lappy Maker for your MacBook Air M1 battery replacement, you receive a high-quality replacement battery and a Year's Warranty. This warranty covers any manufacturer defects and ensures you have peace of mind knowing your MacBook Air's battery is protected. Our dedicated team will provide a free battery replacement if you encounter any issues within the warranty period.

Lappy Maker Mac Air M1 Battery Replacement Service Details

Our MacBook Battery Replacement Service straightforward. We provide a comprehensive MacBook Air M1 battery replacement service at Lappy Maker. Our step-by-step process ensures that your device is diagnosed correctly before replacing the battery with a high-quality replacement. Here's what you can expect when you choose Lappy Maker's replacement service.

  • Diagnose the problem: Our certified technician will identify if the battery is the issue or if another component is malfunctioning.
  • Battery Replacement: If the battery needs to be replaced, we will use high-quality replacement parts and ensure they are set up correctly.
  • Testing: We thoroughly test the MacBook after replacing the battery and ensure your battery is in good working order before receiving your device.

Our certified technicians meticulously test the MacBook Air after the battery replacement to ensure optimal performance. Experience a hassle-free service that guarantees your MacBook Air M1 is running smoothly.

Available Options to avail of our MacBook Air M1 Battery Replacement Service

At Lappy Maker, we offer three convenient options for you to avail of our Mac M1 battery replacement services. No Matter whichever mode of service you choose, you will get the same level of professional experience:

  • Free Doorstep Services: Sit back and relax as our experts come to your doorstep to diagnose and replace your MacBook Air M1 battery.
  • Store Visit: Visit our store and get your MacBook Air M1 battery replaced by our trained professionals in-person within 2-3 hours. If you visit our store, we offer you as quick service as possible.
  • Free Doorstep Pick-up and Drop: Schedule a time that suits you, and we will pick up your MacBook Air M1, replace the battery, and drop it back to you, free of charge.

Why Choose Lappy Maker for MacBook Air M1 Battery Replacement?

Choosing Lappy Maker for your MacBook Air M1 battery replacement has several advantages. Our expert team has extensive experience handling MacBook repairs, ensuring that your device is in safe hands. We use only high-quality replacement OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) batteries that are tested for performance and durability.

  • Free Doorstep Service
  • Free Diagnosis
  • Certified Technicians
  • Quality Service at an affordable cost
  • Assured Warranty of One-Year on Battery Replacement etc.

With our services, you can expect quick turnaround times without compromising quality. Customer satisfaction is our priority, and we aim to provide the best possible experience for every customer. Avoid the hassle of dealing with battery issues and let Lappy Maker take care of your MacBook Air M1 battery replacement needs.

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Common Questions on Mac Air M1 Battery Replacement Sevice

How long will the MacBook Air M1 battery replacement take?
The time required for the MacBook Air M1 battery replacement varies, depending on the extent of the repairs. Our express service takes 2-4 hours, and our regular service takes 24-48 hours.

Does Lappy Maker Offer Warranty on MacBook Battery Replacement?
Each service of Lappy Maker comes up with a Warranty. On Battery replacement, one gets up to a year of warranty.

Will my data be safe during the repair service?
Our expert technicians understand the importance of data privacy and confidentiality. We keep the data safe and secure and are not responsible for data loss if the device is damaged before repair.

Do I need to upgrade to the latest software after the battery replacement?
No, you need not upgrade your software after the battery replacement. However, we recommend keeping your software updated for the best performance.


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