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MacBook Hacks Apple Don’t Tell You!

Macs are always known for their smooth functioning, ease of operation, and over the time value, it provides. It doesn’t matter if you are a new Mac user or a regular one, there are tonnes of MacBook hacks that you are unaware of. We have researched the topic and bring out to you the most useful and working hacks among them that every Mac owner should know in 2021.

These simple hacks can definitely make your daily work quite simple and fast. For instance, how will you react when you are asked to check for the status of your upcoming flight with one click?

What about calculating something without a Calculator app? You need to give a moment to think about all these. Do you know these all tasks can be done with one simple click? 

You can perform all these with just some clicks and shortcuts at the end of your reading.

1. Built-in Emoji Support

Consider how many times you’ve sent a text message without adding any of the emojis. Emoji has now become an important part of our messages. It has enhanced our texting experience very well. Accessing them on iPhones, and smartphones are pretty simple. But what if we say, using them on Macs is even easier. 

Most MacBook users are even unaware of the built-in Emoji Support available in their Macs. 

You can simply click Control + Command + Space and access all the different emojis to enjoy seamless conversations.

2. Spotlight (Command + Spacebar)

The spotlight feature or option on macOS is one of the most underrated features that we believe. It has been there on macs for a decade now. Every time Apple releases a major update on Mac, it adds some new and astonishing features in Spotlight. Most of the users don’t know that Spotlight was designed to use as a file search tool. But now it surely can do much more than that. We can have a separate blog on the tips and tricks of Spotlight. But first, let’s see the most useful uses of it in our daily tasks.

  • Use of Search Operators to narrow down our query

You can use AND, OR, NOT, AND NOT like operators to get the exact file/mail/folder, you wish to get. For example, if you want to see mail from only two specific people from a bunch of 1000s. Simply enter, “kind: mail Email ID (1) OR Email ID (2)”.

  • Use Spotlight for Calculations and Currency Conversions as well

Without the effort to open a calculator, just add the operation like 2289+2 in your Spotlight Search option. And Boom! You can use a calculator. The same method goes for currency conversion as well.

  • Track Live Status of Flights at ease

Just like the calculation portion, type the Flight number, and all the details related to the flight like its destination, departure time, status, and all other related info will be shown to you in a moment of matter.

3. Rename Multiple File

Renaming multiple files sounds to be a time-consuming and sometimes irritating task as well. But what if it becomes the need of the hour?

Don’t worry, we got you covered on this. Earlier this used to be a major problem with the Macs but now with the macOS, Apple has got them cleared. Now renaming multiple files at one click is made possible. You can do that by following these steps:

  1. Open ‘Finder’ on Mac and select all those files you wish to rename.
  2. Right-click on the selected files to open the menu option.
  3. Click Rename Items> Format.
  4. Select a Name format for your file renamings like Name and Index, Name and Counter, and Name and Date.
  5. Enter the number in the “Start numbers at” box. Click Rename.

4. Reset the Password

In the new era of Online advancement, User IDs and Passwords are one of the toughest and confusing things to remember. This is not any serious issue actually. Nearly 78% of people forget their password most often.But what if you have locked out from your Mac and are struggling hard to guess the correct password. And you don’t want to reset your Apple ID. Leave the long way of remembering it, just follow these simple steps to gain access to your Mac again.

  1. Simply Turn Off the Mac, and press and hold Command + R.
  2. Then press the Power Button and release while holding Command +R until Progressive Bar appears under Apple Logo on the screen.
  3. Now, you have entered Recovery Mode. Select Utilities from the menu bar, then click on Terminal.
  4. A window will pop up. Enter “resetpassword” and press Return.
  5. Close the Terminal windows and you will find the Reset Password Tool.

5. Screenshot of Specific Portion

There Could be a debate about putting this over here. Most MacBook users already know how to take screenshots on Macs. But here you can get to know about taking screenshots of any particular portion, any window, or even any tab also. It is pretty basic and has great importance and help as well.

For taking Screenshots of any Particular Portion, Shift + Command + 4. Just drag the cross air to the area you want to include in the screenshot.

For the Whole Screen, Shift + Command + 3.

For the Particular Window, Shift + Command + 4 + Space.

These tricks or should we say hacks are definitely going to ease the daily work on your Macs. We have tested all of them ourselves. If you are a MacBook owner then we have some insightful blogs (Cleaning MacBooks at HomeTips on Improving the Battery Life of MacBooks, Common MacBook Problems with 100% Working Solutions) for you as well. 

We are willing to know your experience after using these hacks in the comment section. Have they really helped or not?

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