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3 Easy Steps to Clean your MacBook at Home

Have you also decided to clean your MacBook and Apple laptop on your own? Then let us help you with how it should be done.

Cleaning your MacBook will help it sustain a long shell life and prevent you from getting ill.

Seriously ill? How can someone get ill by just not cleaning their MacBook? The answer to this is quite simple.

The interaction between your fingers and the keyboard button is a warm welcome to thousands of germs from that keyboard to you. Now try to remember how many times while typing have you touched your ear, nose, face, and other body parts.

Now you can very well relate to the need of reading this topic. Let’s now see the possible ways to clean your MacBook at home without any consultation from professionals.

Before proceeding, the foremost thing to do would be powering off your Apple device and then starting with its cleaning process.

1. Cleaning the MacBook Screen

One should always keep in mind that your Apple device is different from other normal laptops in the market. It’s design and quality are the topmost out there so you should never consider using the same method that you apply for cleaning other laptop displays.

It is suggested to use the same lint-free cloth that comes along with your device to clean it.

The simplest way to clean your Apple device screen is using water and then cleaning it with a lint-free cloth. Use of hydrogen peroxide-based cleansers is advised not to use in the case of MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air as it could damage the finishing of your display.

Never spray any cleansers directly on the screen despite dipping the cloth with that cleanser and applying it then. Avoid getting moisture into the port that can damage the internals of your device. If there is an issue with your Apple laptop, you can give us a call and avail of a free consultation from our MacBook Repair Experts.

2. Cleaning the MacBook Keyboard

There are ample alternative options for cleaning your MacBook’s Keyboard but what better would be than the one suggested by officials, Right?

Some methods want you to remove your keys from the keyboard and then clean them. This method is not at all recommended and lands you in trouble, if not done properly.

So we will be explaining the official and authentic way for cleaning your Apple keyboard.

First, you have to hold your MacBook at 75 degrees (No need to be the same). The point here is to place your MacBook keyboard vertically upwards to the ground.

Now apply air compressor sprays to clean your keyboard. Clean your Apple laptop from every angle, including the corners of the keyboard.

That was it!

3. Cleaning the MacBook Internals

The actual reason to mention this heading is just to warn you not to do anything like this. MacBook’s complication could lead you to spend a lot of money for its repair if not done properly.

However in that case you have the option to enjoy the FREE Doorstep Service of Lappy Maker but why go in a way where there is no need! If you have any doubts or questions, feel free to reach out to us and we will be more than happy to help you.

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