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Tips for Longer MacBook Battery Life

The legacy of the MacBook’s Battery is unbeatable in the market right now. Such a lightweight and powerful battery life is very hard to expect from anyone else other than Apple. The possible reason for this is the unexceptional design and the power of M1 chips in apple products. Though we cannot make changes to enhance our battery life, if you want your MacBook to even last longer than now, you can follow some tips.

1. Turn Down the Brightness

The display takes more than 60% of your battery performance always. Simply decreasing your brightness whenever not needed can definitely help sustain a longer and healthy battery life of your MacBook and MacBook pro.

2. Keyboard Backlight

How much the backlit keyboards help all of us in the dark is a non-debatable topic?

But when the keyboard is not in use like while streaming content, reading you all can simply turn it off through setting to give a boost to your MacBook’s Battery. You can simply do this by following these steps.

Go to System Preferences > Keyboard. On the Keyboard tab, check the box for Turn the keyboard backlight off after [X secs/min] of inactivity. Your options range from 5 seconds to 5 minutes. 

3. Turn off Bluetooth

If you also use any of the Bluetooth devices like a mouse, keyboard, speakers, and any other, there is a greater chance that you generally forget to turn it off after using Bluetooth devices. This Bluetooth option is enabled in the background can very well affect the Battery performance of your apple products.

4. Check Your battery condition

Checking and monitoring the status of your battery condition is very much needed if you want to use your MacBook for a very long time. The condition of your battery will decide the battery backup performance on your device. You can check access to this from your setting as well. Proper charging and discharging help in maintaining healthy battery life.

5. Keep updated with Software

Every macOS update comes with more stable software options that enhance your apple device’s performance and optimize the apps for better and smooth functioning. So always keep your software up to date to enjoy the new software experiences. This helps in the proper utilization of your device’s battery.

If anyhow you are doubtful about the battery performance then Lappy Maker would be happy to help you. You simply have to give us a call and we would pick your MacBook at your doorstep and return it to you with all your problems fixed. 

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