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Apple has a huge fan base. And why wouldn’t it be also? They provide the best products, services, keep innovating in their tech, and make the user experience at the top of everything else in their priority list just like we do at Lappy Maker. Their products are always the best in the class but sometimes their after-sale service cost becomes a matter of concern for their users. 

Products like MacBooks have always been the most precious possession of their owners. Be it because of their performance, reliance, or personal attachments. But what when it starts giving trouble to you. You probably would have thought of availing of Apple Care service. This is a common path for the majority of Apple device owners. Things start to get off track when you don’t get any satisfactory quotation from them.

Now you are left with a non-working or damaged Apple MacBook and still wish to have the service quality like Apple. This was the same situation Mr. Aqeel was facing when his MacBook’s battery caused him trouble. Let’s get into the details to see what happened next?

Mr. Aqeel Syed – Lappy Maker Customer

Aqeel Syed’s Worries

Aqeel Syed, an Apple fanboy who was facing some sort of problem with his MacBook 13’ Retina Display (2015). He even checked out Apple Care Center in Allahabad and Delhi. But he was not quite satisfied with the quotation and time they were asking for it. They were asking him to leave the MacBook for quite a long time which being a business professional he could not afford. 

He was looking for some quality MacBook repair service in Delhi, who could get his device fixed as early as possible. Now, he was struck in the middle. He neither wished to return to Apple Care nor to any local repair shop whose work quality is generally cheap. 

The Solution: Lappy Maker

But then he got to know about Lappy Maker from one of his friends. His friend suggested giving us a try. Aqeel agreed and gave us a call at 9319848444. He was attended by none other than Shivani Tyagi, Founder (Lappy Maker) herself. After understanding our complete process and functioning, he felt quite sort of secure and comfortable. Our Free Doorstep Service and Free Pickup and Drop service also gained his trust in us. But the only problem for him now was the time as effective costing is one of our USPs from the very start. We asked him to give us a visit to our service center in Nehru Place, Delhi to get it fixed hand to hand. 

The very next day with the help of Google Maps and our clear instructions, it was not a difficult task to reach us out. He was warmly welcomed by our staff.

At Lappy Maker, we believe in complete transparency with our services. With his consent, we took the MacBook in our possession. We earlier had confirmed the availability of spare batteries in stock a day earlier with him on the first call itself.  It was merely within the time period of an hour, he got his MacBook 13’ Retina Display in perfectly new condition in his hand.

Lappy Maker’s assured warranty policy on spares secured Aqeel’s trust in us completely. He was pleased with the hospitality and professionalism of Lappy Maker.

Our Reward: Happy Customer

As a result, we can say that he was satisfied on his way back. We can also read about his experience with us in his Google Reviews. We could not be happier than when our customers are satisfied with our services.

Mr. Aqeel Syed:

Genuine service, very cost effective, and delightful experience. 100 percent recommended.

It was beyond my expectations, the treatment I received at their outlet at Nehru Place.

The battery of my mcbook 13.3 retina version was completely dead, and I did not receive any satisfactory replacement quote from Apple service, hence I decided to consult some credible 3rd party service center. Upon my huge research, I came to know about the “Lappy Maker”.

First of all I was guided about all the process about the service then and there on very first query I made over the phone call, and opon my satisfaction I decided to visit them. I was guided throughout …. Through google map and over the call guidance, and was warmly welcomed there, with a genuine gesture.

My machine was opened in front of my eyes, and was taken back to service area upon my concent, and was soon taken back to me with a brand new replaced battery. During waiting time, I was offered a hot cuppa tea, and was personally delighted by the founder / owner of the Lappy Maker, Miss Shivani Tyagi, who’s a large hearted, service oriented entrepreneur, and a big name in IT services in making. I wish her very best of luck in her endeavor.

Important point to mention here, that my battery replacement happpned within an hour time and in lesser than half the price.

Thanks and regards,

Aqeel Syed /-

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Like Aqeel Syed and many other happy customers, you can also be a part of the Lappy Maker family. Next time or even if you are currently facing any problem related to MacBooks and Laptop, Lappy Maker is just one call away from you.

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