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How to Fix my Mac won’t update Issue

Updates are important but what happens when your Mac is not updating, without these updates, there’s no life to your Mac or iPhone devices. However, the actual issue arises when the Mac does not update.

Recently, a lot of MacOS users have searched that their Mac is not updating and the phrase “how to update mac”? is trending on search engines. This may be because the software update appears to become stuck in the middle of the installation.

We are experienced in resolving these issues multiple times. We are here to resolve your issue with reliable solutions. Try these tried and- true ideas and tricks to see if they help you resolve your problem

Reasons: Mac is  Not Updating

You don’t have enough storage 

Generally, people have this misconception that they only need the amount of space that equals the size of the installation package, but this is not like that, so if you don’t have enough storage space, your Mac won’t install any software updates.

check your storage

The Wifi network is not active

You need a stable internet connection to update your Mac. Without it, you won’t be able to download the software update from the Mac App Store.

wifi checking

Issues with Apple servers

Apple servers may experience issues, just like any other company. But the good news here is that this problem is temporary. Although it prohibits Mac users from downloading and installing macOS upgrades right when they want to.

Issues with Apple servers

Tips to Fix your Mac is Not Updating

Make sure you have enough space

The main reason your Mac not update is a lack of space. For example, this update needs 25 GB if you are updating from MacOS Monterey to MacOS Ventura, but if you are upgrading from a much earlier release, you will need even more storage to ensure the software update is successful.

Steps to check your available space:

  1. Select the Apple menu > About This Mac > Storage.
  2. Once the bar loads, you’ll get a quick overview of your available storage. 
  3. Those who are trying to install a minor software update, or if you have already installed macOS Ventura, follow these steps to check available storage space:- Apple menu > About This Mac > More Info > Storage tab.

What can you do when your Mac occasionally tells you that you don’t have enough storage space, even though you believe you do? Increasing storage capacity is the simplest thing to do.

Ensure that your WiFi network is active

If Apple’s network isn’t the issue, it might be yours. The reason why the MacOS installation failed could very well be due to unstable WiFi connectivity. Fortunately, this can be fixed with excellent tools.

If the download is taking too long, what can you do?

On the day of release, if you are attempting to download a new version of the  Operating System, you can have long wait times due to Apple’s servers becoming overcrowded. Checking Apple’s System Status page for any known issues is a good idea.

If no known problems exist, ensure your internet connection is steady, and think about utilizing an Ethernet cable.

For macOS Monterey and any previous MacOS version, follow these instructions:

  1. Select the Apple menu > System Preferences > Sharing. Or you can go directly to System Preferences > Sharing. 
  2. Select Content Caching, and from the drop-down, select All Content.
  3. Restart your Mac and try again.

For macOS Ventura, go to System Settings > General > Sharing and follow the steps above. 

Install your update in safe mode 

Sometimes, installing macOS upgrades can be complicated by login items, launch agents, or faulty extensions that load when your Mac turns on. Fortunately, you can start your computer in safe mode and then attempt your update. Depending on the Mac model you use, the procedure may vary.

For Intel Macs, follow these steps to start in safe mode:

  1. Turn off your Mac, then wait for 10 seconds before restarting it.
  2. Press Shift as soon as your Mac starts up.
  3. Release the  Shift when you see the Apple logo.

Retry your update. Continue reading if this doesn’t help and you are still unable to update your macOS.

Reset your NVRAM

If the safe mode was ineffective, erasing your NVRAM might be the solution. Non-volatile random-access memory, or NVRAM, saves your preferences and settings even when your Mac is off. The startup disc option, display resolution, and kernel panic information are a few configuration examples. 

An occasional logging error may result in problems. Fortunately, cleaning your NVRAM is really simple.

For an Intel Mac, follow these steps:

  1. Restart your Mac and hold down the Cmd + Option + P + R keys. 
  2. Reload your Mac, and then attempt the update once more.

If the slow download speed is not your problem but a frozen Mac update, move on to the next step.

Try out the combo update

A combo update contains all the components required to upgrade your Mac to the most recent version of macOS and, in some situations, can fix problematic upgrades. 

Visit Apple’s support page to access the combo updater, then search for the update you need and click Download.

Set the  Date and  Time To Automatic

You may also try this option if the macOS update is still giving you trouble. People sometimes change their MacBook’s time setting to show a custom time for a variety of reasons, which could make it difficult for Mac updates to function.

Go to System Preferences > Date & Time > Tick the box to “Set Date & Time Automatically”

You’re all set! You should now have control over the situation, and your Mac should now be correctly updated. We don’t see any reason why these tips won’t work for you as well, as they have for many other Lappy Maker customers.

Final Wordings

The problem of our laptops not updating occurs frequently. Before using the steps outlined above and becoming frustrated, make sure the problem is not a storage issue. Whatever the problem, you can always find a solution at Lappy Maker. Please feel free to voice your opinions in the section below before you explore the update’s new features, though. Please also let us know what topic you would like the following blog to cover. We pledge to exert our utmost effort.

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