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Fix: Liquid Spilled on MacBook Air/Pro

Accidentally, you have spilled tea/coffee on your MacBook, probably small kids have done this. Now you are stuck with the question in mind, Where should I go or what should I do with the liquid damage on my MacBook?

Well, MacBooks has always been a prized possession for their owners. Now your worry related to its repair is really appropriate and justified. Why?

Because even Apple authorized service centers refuse to cover them in their warranty policy, and if repaired after warranty it nearly cost half of more than that of the actual device costing. The second option you probably can or have already tried might be local repair shops. Not only they don’t have any expertise in this but if they even initiate the repair, they end up creating much more damage to the machine.

Now, you are standing all by yourself with Liquid damage on your MacBook.

Continue reading this blog, and get a guaranteed solution by the end of it for your MacBook Pro/Air liquid damage problem.

Step 1: Turn it Off & Disconnect from Power Supply

Completely cut all the power connections to your MacBook and shut it down. If you had plugged it into charging, switch off the power and plug it off. 

Now try powering off the device using the power button. If you can’t, then your keyboard has already stopped working. 

Don’t panic! Simply close the lid of the MacBook hence activating the sleep mode. And if you keep your lid closed for a little more time then it will go into the deep sleep mode.

Note: Don’t Open the lid to check whether the screen is On or OFF.

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Step 2: Make Sure it never turn on accidentally

This is the second and most important step if you want to get your MacBook in working condition. 

Most of the users make this common mistake i.e. trying to open the lid to see if it is working or not. But this is a serious instruction to not open it. All you have to do is make sure you don’t press the power button even accidentally. 

Step 3: Let it dry for at least 48 hours

The water can cause much more damage to your MacBook Air/Pro if powered on with liquid in it. Let your MacBook dry for at least 48 hours and avoid shaking it too much. 

And yes, of course, the traditional and our home remedy of rice might help in that. You can put your MacBook in a container full of rice as it would absorb the moisture. But generally, it is not advisable. If tiny rice particles manage to get a way inside the MacBook, then you may end up spending a lot more for its repair. This hack usually works on iPhones with liquid damage. 

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After 48 hours, try opening the MacBook. If it opens and works fine, Congratulations! You have rescued your MacBook. But if it doesn’t turn on, check out our next method.

Step 4: Contact Lappy Maker

Contacting an experienced and trusted MacBook Repair Center is the best option to try from any other above mentioned in the list. With Lappy Maker, you can avail the best service possible too at affordable pricing. There is one add-on to our services that the repair is secured with an assured warranty.

Sometimes people assume that they have water damage in their MacBook, and end up paying much more than the actual repair cost to the local repair shops. But with Lappy Maker’s Free diagnosis service many customers have been saved from such heavy costing. We highly recommend you to first get it diagnosed properly to understand the actual costing to fix your MacBook.

If you have any unique way of dealing with the issue, we are more than happy to listen to it in the comment section.

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