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MacBook Pro is Not Charging? Here is Quick Fix – Lappy Maker

If you are reading this blog, you are in the right place to find a solution for MacBook Pro not charging. Relax! It is not an unusual problem, and several Apple devices face this MacBook not charging issue.

Here, we will share some of the solutions to fix the issue.

So, why is your MacBook Pro not charging?

Well, there could be many reasons behind this problem. For instance, a worn-out or damaged power adapter and cable might be the main reasons.
Sometimes, an aged battery and various other glitches could also be equally responsible for
causing the charging problem.

Check- A Problem can be with the power adapter and cable

The first step is to ensure that the power adapter and cable are not damaged. If these attachments seem to be damaged, that could be the reason. This shows that the issue is with the MacBook battery not with the charging.

If there is no damage to the attachments, ensure that the power is connected properly. Disconnect and then reconnect the charging cable properly.  Also, make sure to clean the dust from the power port and ensure the connector pins are not getting blocked.

Macbook pro battery is not charging

Is there a need for a MacBook Pro battery replacement?

When there is a need for battery replacement macOS lets you know.

There are a few steps to check whether or not the battery requires replacement.

● Click on the battery icon in the menu bar.

● See if “Service Battery” or “Replace Now” are shown there then the battery has aged. The only solution to this is to get a battery replaced at your home.

Macbook battery needs to be replaced

Resetting the SMC is another good option

SMC is the System Management Controller. SMC is the most reliable solution for resetting. Resetting is
easy to do on your own also. Most of the time resetting resolves several issues related to power, battery fan, and other features.

Steps for Resetting
1. Disconnect the power adapter
2. Turn off your MacBook Pro
3. Connect the power adapter
4. Hold the Control+Shift+Option(Alt)
5. Press it simultaneously for about 10 seconds
6. Release them all at once

SMC reset in macbook pro

Need for an updation

There may be a chance of some software issue if your MacBook still refuses to charge. Sometimes Apple releases macOS updates to improve communication with the power adapter. If the update is available for your current version of macOS then try to update.

macOS update

If none of these steps won’t work: Contact Macbook Experts- The Lappy Maker

The problem might be with the DC Jack of your MacBook Pro or some other hardware-related issue that needs to be repaired by professionals. It is time to contact Lappy Maker.

Why choose Lappy Maker?

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