MacBook Overheating

MacBook Overheating Issue | How to Fix | Troubleshooting Guide

Your Apple MacBook is overheating when it sounds like driving an old rusty car while it burns through the table. It may not seem like a potential threat to your Mac But an MacBook overheating Issue can damage the device’s battery, Logic Board and can cause permanent damage to the ports etc. The reason can be many behind this. Let us walk through why your MacBook is overheating and its battery draining and What are the ways to get rid of this and restore your MacBook to its pristine.

Reason behind MacBook Overheating Issue:

A MacBook can overheat due to both internal and external reasons. If the device is old,  it is more likely to overheat. Not just an old Mac is responsible for the MacBook Overheating Issue. But, several other factors are responsible for the performance issue. Here are some of the most recurring reasons for MacBook overheating:

Multiple Applications Running in Background: With many applications running in the background, The MacBook’s processing capacity can max out, Resulting in overheating as it struggles to keep up.

Multitasking becomes reason for OverheatingToo Many Tabs Open at Once: An open tab puts a load on Mac’s processor with the same logic. Opening multiple tabs at once causes it to overload and overheat.

Too many tabs makes your Mac Overheat SMC(System Management Controller) Fault: The SMC (System Management Controller) is a chip responsible for internal fans working effortlessly. With a faulty system management controller, The fans work irregularly. Ultimately the results in MacBook Overheating Issue.

High Ambience Temperature: Placing the MacBook directly under sunlight or working in a hot climate can raise the internal temperature of your Mac, resulting in overheating. Apple recommends an ambient temperature between 10° and 35° C.

Defective Internal Fans: MacBook overheating and fan noises are co-related as it is essential for the MacBook that the internal fans work as it regulates Mac’s temperature. Make loud noises for more demanding sounds. Even so, it is never supposed to sound like a lawnmower. Always keep your fans in check.

Blocked Air Vents: If the vents of a Macbook are choked or obstructed. The MacBook will automatically start to heat up because of the lack of ventilation.

Mac Overheating due to Blocked Vents

Viruses or Malware: Viruses or other malware are also reasons for your Mac overheating as viruses intensely run in the background resulting in overheating.

MacBook Overheating due to Virus

If any one or more of these problems are prominent in your Mac, It is better to take action before the overheating causes permanent damage to your device.

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Ways to Prevent your Mac from Over Heating.

Wheater it is Apple MacBook Air overheating or Pro, It is possible to prevent further damage and restrain your Mac’s overheating. Here are some tips on how to stop MacBook from overheating:

Close unnecessary Tabs: Don’t overwork your MacBook by opening countless tabs, especially when working on other overloading applications. Close the tabs you are currently not working on to minimize the workload on your MacBook to stop it from overheating.

Minimise Multitasking: Even a perfectly functioning MacBook will overheat when overworked. Close all the background applications not in use to maximize your MacBook’s performance and avoid overheating.

Reset SMC (System Management Controller): System Management Controller manages even the external parts of your MacBook, like, internal fans, to cool the device. But, with a faulty SMC, the cooling systems of the Mac start to fail. Eventually, it overheats. Fortunately, resetting the SMC will fix this problem. To reset the SMC do this:

  • Shut down your MacBook.
  • Press and hold the Shift + Option + Control + Power buttons for 10 seconds.
  • Power your Mac back on normally.

Keep Your Mac Updated: Macbook overheating can also be tackled by updating your Mac with the latest operating system due to its many security and performance benefits. An updated Apple OS can prevent overheating issue in MacBook. With each MacOS updated, Apple fixes the inefficiencies that allow the systems to run smoothly.

Tips to Instant Fix MacBook’s Overheating Problem:

There are some other ways as well that you may need to perform physically to tackle the MacBook Overheating Issue. Check out the list mentioned below:

  • Don’t Block Air Vents: MacBooks need ventilation for the internal fans to work and cool down the Mac. Choking or obstructing the air vents will not allow the vents to cool the Macbook and result in overheating. Place the device on hard, flat surfaces like a table instead of soft surfaces like in your lap or on the bed.
  • Clean Your MacBook Physically: If you haven’t cleaned your Mac for a long time, It’s likely to have dust and other physical debris that might affect the software or choke the vents. Clearing your Mac is beneficial and effective in tackling the overheating problem. Be careful while cleaning your Mac since you might damage your MacBook to clean it. 
  • Getting MacBook Diagnosis: It is better to get your MacBook diagnosed by experts rather than trying to figure out the problem yourself and mistakenly damage your own device. Lappy Maker offers Free MacBook diagnosis by certified technicians and repairs for the most affordable prices.

If still, you couldn’t find any solution to it. It would be better to contact the Certified technicians to get the exact reason behind this. Contact Lappy Maker and get your device fixed in no time.

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