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How Much Laptop Screen Repair Cost in India?

Do you see your laptop screen flickering or black lines running through whenever you switch it on?

Your screen needs repairing!

How much does a laptop screen repair cost?

Well, the cost varies on different factors-screen size, screen type, genuineness, model type, Connector Type, warranty, and many more….

Here is everything you should know about laptop screen repair cost in India!

How to know whether your laptop screen needs repairing?

If the screen is physically broken- Sorry, you need to buy a new one!

But if you witness problems like

  • Screen color changing
  • Black lines/ dots on the screen that don’t go away.
  • DIM display
  • Screen flickering
  • No Display 

Then your laptop screen needs repairing. 

Laptop Screen Repair Cost in India

Laptop screen replacement price starts from Rs.4399 – Rs.9000 and varies based on model number. There are different types of laptops screens that come at varying prices. Well, the prices vary from place to place and depending on the quality and warranty.

Primarily, there are three types of laptop screens available in India.

  • LED Screens- Affordable- Good quality.
  • LCD Screens- Expensive- Best quality.
  • LED Backlit- Most Expensive-Premium quality.

Other than these, there are different variants like VGA, CCFL, XVGA, and more!

The cost also depends on the size of the screen which varies between 13, 14, or 15.6. 

Therefore, it is important to find out the size and the screen type to interpret the repair cost of your laptop screen.

What is the average cost of laptop screen repair and replacement?

  • If you are going for any branded company, the cost may vary between 7000 INR-35000 INR- but the services will be the best-you get genuine products.
  • If you are going for your local store, the cost varies between 2800 INR- 14000 INR – no proper warranty-no genuine parts.

Now it’s your turn to glean and think which one you want!

Weighing laptop screen repair costs against the age and conditions of the laptop. 

Often, the repair cost is much as-good-as the new laptop. So you need to choose wisely! 

If your laptop has to withstand heavy traveling or physical activity, or you are bored with your old design- it’s worth buying a fresh one. 

But if the laptop screen repair cost is minimum, then you can get it fixed.

Tips: Invest in a laptop bag or case to lessen the damage cost to your device on the spin. 

Planning to repair your laptop screen by yourself?

The idea is a bit intimidating but is fairly possible – with the right set of tools and a little knowledge. 

If your laptop screen body is physically stable, you can try to fix it at home. But some major issues require expert help and knowledge to fix it.

To fix your laptop screen at home, first you need to note the serial number of your device.

Almost all models have replacement screens available online.

Use the serial number to order your screen- don’t forget to double-check. Ordering laptop screens online can cost between 2000 INR-7500 INR. 

You need to make sure you have all the necessary tools like screwdrivers, replacement tape, and other important tools to get quality repairs at home. In case you don’t, place your order. 

If you get confused or feel overwhelmed by the process, you can look for guides online or watch videos for quick help.  

Final Words

Sometimes devices function in mysterious ways. At times, quick troubleshooting or a BIOS check can fix the issues. Other times, you need professional help.

If you are panicking over the laptop screen repair cost, you got all the information you needed. 

Seek professional help or fix it yourself!

Unless the screen is broken (physically), it can always be fixed!

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